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Using Our Concrete Calculator

Using the concrete calculator is simple and by knowing just a few measurements, we can tell you how much concrete you will need for the job!

Footings will need to be calculated as a separate measurement.

The measurements you need to know will have to be in meters, and the answer will be displayed in cubic meters and cubic yards.

We are planning on growing the features of our concrete calculator in the near future.

Thanks for trying it out!


Pouring concrete over old concrete

Pouring Concrete Over Old Concrete

There are many benefits to pouring concrete over old concrete but it’s important to take certain steps to ensure a successful outcome.  In some cases, it may be better to remove the old concrete and start fresh. This can be more expensive, but it ensures a strong and durable surface that will last for years

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Concrete strength, How to concrete

What Is Concrete Strength

So what is concrete strength and why do we need to get it right?  One of the most important properties of concrete is its strength, which refers to its ability to withstand external forces without breaking or crumbling.  In this blog, we will discuss concrete strength in more detail. Concrete is one of the most

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How to break concrete, Break up concrete with a digger

How To Break Concrete – By Hand & Machine!

Knowing how to break concrete the easy way can save you time, effort, pain, sweat, and sometimes tears… There are a few basic hand tools you will need for the job, and if you are lucky enough to get access to a jack hammer or digger with a breaker attachment then this will help speed

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what is concrete adhesive

What Is Concrete Adhesive?

So what is concrete adhesive and what is it used for? Concrete adhesive is something that all contractors or DIY enthusiasts should have in their tool kit and I can think of countless times over the years that concrete adhesive has helped save the day! What Is Concrete Adhesive? Concrete adhesive is just a fancy

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What Is Concrete Mesh?

What Is Concrete Mesh? – Stop Your Concrete Cracking!

Concrete mesh is steel reinforcement that usually comes in sheets, and is used to help the tensile strength of concrete and to minimize the chances of concrete cracking. The mesh is usually added during the prep stages of a new concrete pad and is suspended just above ground height so that concrete can mold around the

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How To Concrete, what is concrete

What Is Concrete & Concrete Lingo Definitions

What is concrete and what are all these concrete words I don’t understand? Concrete lingo is often acquired through several months or even years of first-hand experience in the field and if you are wondering what concrete is or what is concrete? you are about to find out as well as learn some other well-known

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Special Thanks To Nevohteeb Designs

A huge thanks to Nevohteeb Designs for designing and building this concrete calculator!

This was something I needed on my website to help people get the answers they need!

Thanks again, team!

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