Kraft Concrete Tools – Kraft Tools & Supplies

Kraft concrete tools are perfect for the concrete newbie to the most advanced full time concrete placers.

Quality tools and at affordable prices Kraft concrete tools are one of the most common concrete tool brands and are all available online.

Kraft concrete tools

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All the most common Kraft concrete tools can be found on and are all available to order online.

Kraft tools supply a large range of concrete tools and the listed products are just a few of the more common Kraft concrete tool products found on

These concrete tools are used all over the world and are used to achieve high quality placing and finishing of concrete.

Popular Kraft Concrete Tools

  • Kraft Magnesium Float
  • Kraft Foam Knee Boards
  • Kraft Screeds
  • Kraft Tool Boots
  • Kraft Edger
  • Kraft Rake
  • Kraft Broom
  • Kraft Fresno
  • Kraft Sliding Knee Board
  • Kraft Trowel
  • Kraft Magnesium Float
  • Kraft Bull Float