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How to concrete tips and advice - concrete products and products reviews, concrete information and everything about concrete placing and finishing!

This journey into concrete composition began centuries ago, with its primitive forms

A concrete estimator calculator is ideal for figuring out the amount of

In this blog, we’ll explore the wonders of Arctic Shield Boots, the

In this blog we will explain how to broom finish concrete, and

Today we’re shining the spotlight on the 36″ Tomahawk Power Trowel, a true

“Concrete Bird Baths: Elegance for Your Garden” Welcome to our blog dedicated

Here are 10 common questions on concrete and the answers for them.

There is nothing better than crafting your very own DIY concrete garden

Endless concrete dye colors mean more flexibility for your concrete project, and

Concrete driveway design ideas are limitless and the images I am going

After years in the concrete industry, I have used and tested several

There are many benefits to pouring concrete over old concrete but it’s

So what is concrete strength and why do we need to get

Knowing how to break concrete the easy way can save you time,

So what is concrete adhesive and what is it used for? Concrete

Concrete mesh is steel reinforcement that usually comes in sheets, and is

What is concrete and what are all these concrete words I don’t

Concrete cleaning machines are a must-use if you are going to refresh

Today we will look at different types of concrete drill bits to

The curing process of concrete can take up to 28 days to

Concrete floor crack repair can be done by using a specialized concrete

With almost 15 years in the concrete placing and finishing industry, I

When can you walk on new concrete and how long will it

In this article, I will explain what is power floating concrete, and

Concrete work boots for working in concrete are a must if you

If you’re wondering why concrete cracks, it may surprise you to find

If you are constantly reminded about the cracks in your concrete every

Knowing how to clean a concrete driveway properly can completely change the

If you are new to concrete placing and finishing, learning the names

High-quality and comfortable shoes for working on concrete are a must if

There are many styled bull floats for concrete that exist, and over

The concrete trowel as we know it is a hand tool made

Concrete curbing hand tools make all the difference when trying to get

Knowing how to cut concrete will minimize the chance of unwanted cracks

Finding the right stamps for concrete is a big deal when it

A plate compactor is an electric or motorized tool that compacts ground

The Tomahawk power screed is among the best in the business when

Quikrete concrete adhesive is some of the best concrete adhesives available for gluing concrete back together, fixing cracks in concrete and repairing a wide variety of other materials as well.

Kraft concrete tools are perfect for the concrete newbie to the most

One of the best in the business the Marshalltown Premier Line 847

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