What Is Concrete Adhesive?

what is concrete adhesive

So what is concrete adhesive and what is it used for?

Concrete adhesive is something that all contractors or DIY enthusiasts should have in their tool kit and I can think of countless times over the years that concrete adhesive has helped save the day!

What Is Concrete Adhesive?

what is concrete adhesive

Concrete adhesive is just a fancy name for glue although specifically designed for joining porous surfaces to one another.

Without the right product, jobs can become difficult, and frustrating, and chances are whatever you were gluing, will not last and a re-glue with proper concrete adhesive will be necessary.

Concrete adhesive comes in two main types of usable styles.

1 – Caulking gun concrete adhesive.

2 – Buckets or smaller tubs that require mixing before application.

No matter the surfaces you are wanting to stick together, stone, metal, concrete, etc, there is an adhesive for the job.

What Is Concrete Adhesive Used For?

Concrete adhesive is used to glue a wide range of materials together but more commonly concrete or porous types of stone to other surfaces.

There are many types of concrete adhesive and each one is designed for a specific job or task.

Gluing Concrete To Concrete

The concrete adhesive is often used to glue concrete back together, or concrete to concrete.

Many use this product to fill concrete cracks although I would not recommend a proper concrete crack filler for this. Best concrete crack filler here <<<

Gluing Stones To Concrete

Stones falling out of a garden wall or out of position? The concrete adhesive is designed for the job!

Gluing Stones To Stones

Stonework along with all masonry work can become faulty from time to time, whether it’s through an accident or just natural wear and tear from the elements, concrete adhesive is great for gluing stone to other stones.

What Is The Best Concrete Adhesive For You?

When talking about the best concrete adhesive 2 products come to mind…

1, Loctite Construction Concrete Adhesive

2, Gorilla Construction Concrete Adhesive

Both products are tried, tested, and proven to work well for a multiple number of uses.

How Much Concrete Adhesive Will You Need?

Typically, the concrete adhesive comes in two ways, by the tub, which you will have to mix before you start applying, and a caulking gun tube, which is applied with a caulking gun.

Caulking guns are the cleanest and most practical way of applying concrete adhesive, however, for larger jobs like stone walls, long driveways repair, etc, you may want to buy the tub.

How To Apply Concrete Adhesive

Applying concrete adhesive is straightforward and user-friendly, and if using a caulking gun to glue your objects, this is extremely easy.

1 – Make sure both the surfaces to be joined together are as clean as possible.

2 – Ready the caulking gun and insert the concrete adhesive tube.

3 – Cut the end of the nozzle so the concrete adhesive can flow out. Note: cutting off a smaller nozzle tip first will be cleaner and go further, you can always cut it more if needed.

4 – In most cases a line of concrete adhesive around the outside edge of the thing you are gluing is sufficient. About 20-30mm in from the side.

5 – Place and hold the glued item in place for the amount of time stated on the packaging.

Happy Gluing!

Thanks for reading and I hope this blog has helped you further understand exactly what concrete adhesive is and what it can be used for.

As per normal, any comments or questions please do leave them below and I will be sure to read and/or reply.

what is concrete adhesive

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