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To buy concrete dye or concrete dye powder online is a simple and straightforward process.

To be honest it’s the same as buying anything else online. stocks all the best concrete dye and concrete dye powders available online.

These concrete dyes are perfect for adding to concrete, mortar, cement, and grout.

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There are many debates that stem from the question “what is the best concrete dye?” but all in all a mix of reviews and testimonials show what concrete dyes are the most common bought, the best value for money, durability of the concrete dye, and the overall  finished 

Uses Of Iron Oxide ( Concrete Dye )

Iron oxide, which is also called ferric oxide or concrete dye, is an inorganic compound having the chemical formula Fe2O3. 

It is one of the 3 major oxides of iron, and the remaining two being iron(II) oxide (FeO), which is the rare iron and (II, and III) oxide (Fe3O4), also naturally takes place as the mineral magnetite.

Since the mineral is referred to as hematite, Fe2O3 is iron’s primary source for the steel industry and is readily attacked by acids. 

Often, iron oxide can be referred to as rust. This label is useful to some extent because rust shares many properties and has the same composition. However, in chemistry, rust is considered an ill-defined material, which can be described as Hydrous ferric oxide

Uses of Iron Oxide

  • Iron oxide powder – also called cement powder or concrete powder is a widely used inorganic pigment with the characteristics of high stain colouring power, and scores high with good weather resistance.
  • It can be used for cement concrete, building materials, all kinds of coatings (powder coating, rigid coating, water-based paint coating), toy paint, decorative paint, furniture paint, electrophoresis paint and enamel paint, etc.
  • Cement color used for various indoor and outdoor colored concrete surfaces, such as walls, floors ceilings, pillars, porches, pavements, parking lots, stairs, stations, etc 
  • Iron oxide pigment black use in various building ceramics and glazed ceramics bricks, floor tiles, roof tiles,panel, terrazzo,mosaic tiles, people marble making
  • Iron oxide coloring of plastic products, Such as thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics, and coloring of rubber products, like car inner tubes, fly inner tube, bicycle Inner tubes.
  • Concrete color iron oxide coloring of paint and coating, such as powder coating, roll-up coating, automobile paint, ship paint, baking paint, floor paint, milk glue paint, road marking paint, printing paste, etc.
  • Concrete color iron oxide use in various building ceramics and glazed ceramics bricks, floor tiles, roof tiles, panel, mosaic tiles, people marble making

Cheap Concrete Dye

Buying cheap concrete dye is all very well and good, if the job suits the budget. 

Certain concrete dyes are more suited for all weather conditions and have UV protection properties in them.

The dye will hold its color for longer and the dyes color will often be more accented in better branded concrete dyes, compared to cheap concrete dyes.

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How To Dye Concrete

There should be instructions on every pack of concrete dye you bye.

However if there is no instructions, there is no harm in making up the mixture to your liking.

Just keep in mind a few pointers…

How To Dye Concrete

Learning how to dye concrete is easy to do, and is in many cases the concrete mix ratio of dye to concrete can be adjusted to suit the desired tone of color.
  • How much cement are you using altogether? you will normally need about 2.5 pounds per 60 pound sack of concrete. This will make approximately 1 square yard of concrete at 4 inches thick.
  • Mix your aggregates, sand and cement first before placing in your concrete dye.
  • The concrete mix will look darker at first. After the curing stage the color will dry a few shades lighter.
  • Once your concrete has cured properly, ( About 2 – 4 weeks ) seal your dyed concrete with concrete sealant.

How To Maintain Dyed Concrete

All dyed concrete should be sealed.

Sealing your concrete protects your concretes finish, prolongs the durability of your concrete and the concretes color.

Concrete sealant can be brushed on with a standard paint brush, or for larger jobs like driveways or patios a broom is great.

A paint roller or air sprayer can be used as well.

Concrete driveways, patios, footpaths should be at least 2 layers thick.

Allow each coat of sealant to dry before recoating. Drying times will be different from day to day, and from job to job.

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Why Buy Concrete Dye?

To buy concrete dye is very inexpensive, and can be added very simply to your concrete mix.

It can make your plain-looking concrete stand out and look more like a feature.

This is why concrete dye is often added to concrete patios, driveways, and footpaths.

Concrete dye is also used to darken the natural shade of concrete will have.

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