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After concreting full-time commercially, and at home for myself, I know the uses an electric concrete mixer can have.

Save your back the pain!

Get smoother, better mixes, and minimize wear and tear on the body.

Electric concrete mixers are affordable, safe and easy to store when not using.

electric concrete mixer

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Mixing your concrete in a wheelbarrow or tub is hard work and never that nice on the body.

If you are using an electric concrete mixer the health benefits on your body are huge, and your mixes are more consistent and accurate.

You will save time using a concrete mixer, and many different types of concrete mixers can be found online, ordered, and delivered right to your home address.

Why use an electric concrete mixer?

  • Get better concrete mixes and maximize the strength of your concrete mix
  • Save your back, wrists, and other parts of the body from overwear and fatigue.
  • Electric concrete mixers are available online and are easy to obtain
  • They are affordable and can be used over and over again.
  • Portable and easy to store at home.

Why I Recommend An Electric Concrete Mixer

Saw back

Electric concrete mixers will save you time, strain on your body, and give your concrete a better mix than you could get by hand.

Over my years at work in the concrete industry, and at home, I have used both electric concrete mixers, petrol-powered concrete mixers.

For jobs that are larger like patios, driveways, house floors, or garages, I would always recommend buying ready mix concrete from your nearest concrete dealer, and get it delivered in the concrete truck.

Portable concrete mixers like electric concrete mixers are easy to set up and are ideal for most jobs around the home.

Main uses for an electric concrete mixer

  • Concrete for fence posts
  • Concrete for washing lines
  • Concreting house foundations
  • Footpaths
  • Small garden sheds
  • Small woodsheds
  • Concrete heat pump stands
  • Mold work like concrete blocks or bricks
  • Slot drain and channel drain instalation
  • Small patios
  • Short nibs

These are just some of the jobs electric concrete mixers are used for.

Alternatively, you can use electric concrete mixers for a few other things like…

Alternative uses for an electric concrete mixer

  • Mixing seeds
  • Mixing grain
  • Cleaning stones or rocks
  • Cleaning bulk items such as ammo, nuts and bolts, small rusty items

There are many different thing you can mix, just be mindful of how much weight the mixer is rated for, and can handle.

Best Electric Concrete Mixer

The best electric concrete mixers are available online and based on the ranking, reviews, and comments I will rank the best electric concrete mixers for you.



Best electric concrete mixers

1: Stark 2-1/4 Cubic Ft Portable Electric Concrete Mixer

2: BILT HARD 4 Cubic Ft. Portable Electric Concrete Mixer

3: YARDMAX 1.6 Cu. Ft. Electric Concrete Mixer

4: Electric Concrete Mixer 2 1/4 Cu Ft, Concrete Mixer Wheelbarrow Machine

1 - Built Hard portable electric concrete mixer 

 Product Information

  • POWERFUL MOTOR – The cement mixer is equipped with a 500W 120V 5A motor, speeds up to 1750RPM, handles stucco, mortar, or concrete at 26.7RPM, not only is ideal for commercial use, but also for agricultural use, like inoculating seeds and mixing feeds.
  • DRUM CAPACITY – Features a 4 cu ft. (roughly 113L) mix capacity, the multi-functional concrete cement mixer can finish the mixing work efficiently and quickly. 15” Drum Diameter is wide enough to make adding dry mix easy.
  • DURABLE AND STURDY – The Wheelbarrow Mixer is constructed with a mix of metal cast and steel components, drum and frame have a durable powder-coat finish for ultimate strength and durability. Besides, the triangular bracket ensures extra stability.
  • PORTABLE & USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN – The steel handle uses an iron ring and safety lock for easy adjustments and locking in place safely and easily. 2PCS of 9″ wheels featuring portable, stable load-bearing and shockproof.
  • EASY TO OPERATE – Comes with all hardware parts and a step-by-step manual, the cement mixing machine is easy to assemble. Please feel free to contact us when you encounter problems during installation. BILT HARD aims for quality followed up with quality customer service directly provided by the manufacturer. The item is free from defects in materials and workmanship 1 year since purchase

 2 - Yardmax YM0046 electric concrete mixer

Product Information

  • Easy to clean and use with solid steel drums and Ip45 wash down certified motor and gearbox
  • Factory assembled motor drive box for easy and mess-free installation
  • One-person assembly in under 30 minutes
  • Steel handle with an iron ring and safety lock for ease of use, adjusts to the user’s preference easily and safely
  • Low-profile height is ideal for pouring into forms, wheelbarrows and moving around a job site

 3 - Catrimown 2.25 Cu Ft, electric concrete mixer

Product Information

  • Multiple Application: Sufficient volume of drums is suitable for small construction sites, indoor/outdoor, backyard, patio, garden, or brass cleaning/tumble.
  • Multi-Function: Not only for commercial concrete, stucco, and mortar mixing use, but also the best choice for agricultural inoculating seeds and mixing feeds.
  • Power Motor Concrete Mixers: This 110V cement mixer has a powerful motor. Work at a speed of 29.8RPM, which is more efficient and faster than most products with the same specifications on the market. Each of our motors has been professionally tested to ensure quality.
  • Easy to Operate: The mix has a capacity of 2 1/4 Cu.Ft. Low-profile height with tilt drum of the concrete wheelbarrow mixer is conducive to pouring the mixture into forms. A non-slip handle with a safety lock is easy to move and operate, ensure the drums stays where you need it.
  • Durable Material & Stable Structure: This electric concrete mixer machine is made of heavy-duty steel, the electric concrete cement mixer features rust and is corrosion-resistant, durable for long-term service. Besides, the triangular bracket ensures extra stability.
  • Easy Maintain & 24 H Customer Service: Comes with all hardware parts and a step-by-step manual, the cement mixing machine is easy to assemble. We provide 24 hours of customer service for any aftersale or product problems

4 - Start Electric Concrete Mixer 

Products Information

This heavy-duty cement mixer is ideal for concrete, stucco, and mortar and perfect for inoculating seeds and mixing feeds

  • Safe and Easy to Operate – Non-slip handle with a safety lock, and is easy to operate and ensure the drums stays where you need it
  • Triangular Bracket w/ 2 Wheels – Triangular bracket provides extra stability, two wheels provide convenience for the machine
  • Gets the Job Done – Easy to assemble, clean, pour and maneuver this compact, portable cement mixer delivers rugged performance in any kind of weather
  • Compact Sizes – Low-profile height is ideal for pouring into forms, wheelbarrows, and moving around a job 

Using You Electric Concrete Mixer

Designed for the everyday person to use, electric concrete mixers are easy to assemble, and simple to operate.

Please do read the users manual before operating, or if you have bought one second hand or are just borrowing one, YouTube is a perfect place to look for instructions.

Here is a video I have found for you.

Concrete Safety

Many of the videos on youtube about mixing concrete do not talk about concrete safety and how it can damage or harm your body.

There are harsh chemicals in concrete, more specifically cement dust.

Mixing concrete safely

  1. Always use a mask so you don’t breathe in the cement dust.
  2. Wear gloves
  3. Don’t over-strain yourself or your concrete mixer
  4. Be mindful of turning parts

Happy Mixing With Your Electric Concrete Mixer

I hope you have found some helpful information in this short blog.

All electric concrete mixes are different in many ways, and some more durable than others.

Read peoples comments about their experiences with their electric concrete mixers.

Happy mixing and good luck with your next concrete project.

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