Concrete Bull Floats & Bull Float Accessories

Bull Floats And Bull Float Accessories

Using a bull float during the concrete process can have a huge advantage in the overall concrete placing process, and can help you and your concrete out in a number of ways.

  1. Helps flatten any small humps or dips after screeding
  2. Seals the top layer and prevents water or moisture soaking back into the concrete
  3. Helps expel any excess bleed water
  4. Helps remove air from the concrete

What Is The Best Bull Float?

There is always a personal favorite and mine is the Ox pro series, Light, Easy, and I prefer the rock-it tilt rig which allows for easy push pull action by twisting the pole.

Here are some of the top rated and most popular bull floats available online from

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Ox Bull Floats for concrete


OX TOOLS Pro Series Aluminum Concrete Bull Float


Best Price

Vevor Bull Float

VEVOR Bull Float Magnesium Concrete Float 48 x 8″

Best Value

Marshalltown concrete bull float

Concrete Bull Float 48″ With Rock It 2.0 Bracket

Most Respected

Bon Tool Bull Float With Worm gear Bracket & Handles

Bon Tool 22-340 48″ R.E. Bull Float With Worm gear Bracket & Handles

Best buy

bull floats for concrete

Concrete Finisher’s Tote Kit 48 Float

Most Popular

Why You Should Use A Bull Float

Using a bull float serves more than just one purpose.

Bull floating helps flatten the surface, seal the surface of the concrete, and remove any screed lines that remain after the screeding process.

It will also help remove more excess air out of the concrete.

Sealing the top of the concrete by bull floating will also help prevent water/rain/moisture seeping back into the concrete, and further helps the bleed process and the curing process.

What To Look For When Buying Bull Floats

Overall, most bull floats will do the same as one other, however a difference in size, weight, the type of pole attachment and the overall quality are all factors to look at when buying a concrete bull float.
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What to look for when buying a bull float

1: Size – For bigger pads I would always recommend a bigger bull float. This will help later on as you will have less bull float lines to remove. ( Depending on the concrete finish )

2: Bull float to handle fitting attachment – This is perhaps the biggest main difference in preference of bull floats. Personally I am not a fan of the pre set angle attachments, and prefer the

3: Cleaning ability – After a long day placing concrete, bull floats can become heavy when caked in concrete. Some bull floats are of simple designs, and others have nooks and crannies that are annoying to get concrete out of.

4: The weight of the bull float – Heavier the better right? This is not the case. Depending on how good the screeder is that is screeding the concrete, the bull float should glide nicely over the concrete closing any voids, and sealing the surface as it goes. weight is added in some cases if concrete is very dry, this well help force water up, as well as help a little more in the leveling side.

Bull Float Product Reviews

These are the best bull floats on Amazon. They all have great reviews and excellent testimonials.

Glide over your concrete with ease knowing your bull float is superior and made with quality

1 - OX TOOLS Pro Series Aluminum Concrete Bull Float

Ox Bull Floats for concrete

I love the ox brand concrete gear. Sturdy, great value and does what it is supposed to.

The tilt rig is easy on the wrists and makes it easier to bull float tight areas compared to the traditional


  • 48″ Long
  • DURABLE – Made of heavy duty structural alloy, meaning it is extremely light weight and very maneuverable.
  • STRENGTH – Extruded ribs for extra strength and reduced bending.
  • ERGONOMIC – Tilt mechanism quarter turn for minimal wrist motion – significantly reduced user fatigue.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – The powder coated finish makes this float extremely easy to clean.
  • PERFECT FINISH – Curved surface for perfect finish and easy gliding.


  • 1 – Does not come with a handle – This is fairly stock standard but there are a few negative comments regarding this…I find this odd, as nowhere in the description does it say it comes with a handle.

2. VEVOR Bull Float Magnesium Concrete Bull Float 48 x 8"

Vevor Bull Float

The Vevor bull float set an absolute crowd favorite and is great value for money.

Complete with its own carry board, this is what every concrete work van or truck needs.


  • Premium Quality: The surface of the trowel board, made of magnesium and aluminum alloy, is smooth and sturdy. An extruded float with a comfortable blue-coated aluminum handle that is positioned to give the tool perfect balance.
  • Excellent Efficiency: This concrete bull float has a thickened trowel board. Its unique round end design will not warp, or roll up the cement, and can float a large area about 48×8 inch / 1200×200 mm each time, significantly increasing the work efficiency, saving labor force and time, reducing fatigue.
  • Adjustable & Flexible: There is a bull float bracket to connect the handle and the trowel. It is designed to be adjustable in the angle and with excellent flexibility in pushing or pulling the handle to make a smooth finishing cement surface. Turn the handle clockwise to push; Turn it counterclockwise to pull. The rigid mounting base and reinforced side panels increasing its stability.
  • Full-set Equipment: The concrete float kit equipped with a finishing trowel, a bracket, a rigid mounting base, and side panels, four handles (each handle with a length of 1.8 m), and four screws. To organize your tools conveniently, we also offer you a specially designed square plastic tool bag. The concrete trowel kit can be used in all types of concrete finishing work.

3. Marshalltown Concrete Bull Float 48" With Rock It 2.0 Bracket

Marshalltown concrete bull float

Made by Marshalltown, this contractor grade bull float has an 80% 5/5 start rating, this is not surprising being made from Marshalltown.

At the standard 48″ long, the Marshalltown bull float is equipped with a tilt “Rock-It” fitting allowing easier push pull usage and minimal fatigue on wrists


  • Lightweight, long wearing
  • It comes with a round end
  • Includes rock-it 2.0 bull float bracket
  • 48″ long

4.Bon Bull Float With Wormgear Bracket & Handles

Bon Tool Bull Float With Worm gear Bracket & Handles

The Bon bull float is a simple yet sturdy design. Smoothed round bull float edges, and a 4.6 / 5 start rating.


  • Comes with poles / handles
  • Package dimensions : 23.3 cm L x 28.1 cm W x 195.5 cm H
  • Product type : TOOLS
  • country of origin: China
  • Package weight : 2.0lbs
  • The largest selection of tools manufactured to the highest quality standards

5.Concrete Finisher's Bull Float Tote Kit 48" Float

bull floats for concrete

Just like the Vevor bull float kit, this Marshall bull float tote bag is perfect for easy storage and travel.

Made from quality, the Marshalltown bull float tote bag has over 320 global reviews and a whopping 4.7 / 5 start rating.


  • Peoples Choice
  • Complete bull float set up
  • Made with quality products
  • 4 x 6 foot poles included
  • Weight 29.2 Pounds

Bull Floats From Amazon

Bull Floats Accessories

There are many brands of bull float and with many of these, they have their own branded bull float handle attachment.

The 3 main bull float handle attachment types

1 : Threaded male or female pole attachment

2 – Rock-it pole attachment

3 – Teethed threaded attachment

Male threaded bull float attachment
Rock-it bull float attachment
Teethed threaded bull float attachment

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