Marshalltown Premier Line 847 36 Inch Concrete Broom

One of the best in the business the Marshalltown Premier Line 847 36-inch concrete broom is perfect for getting that even broom finish for concrete driveways, patios, or walkways.

Built to last and lightweight, this Marshalltown broom head should be in every concrete placers tool kit.

Marshalltown is one of the most highly respected concrete tool brands and should be considered if buying your next concrete broom.

Marshalltown premier line 847 36-inch concrete broom

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Marshalltown Premier Line 847 36-inch Concrete Broom Product Details

  • Long Wearing 3″ Black Propylene Bristles Set Solidly Into Natural Lacquered Hardwood Block
  • Threaded Hole Accepts Any Standard Broom Handle ( Not Included)
  • Ideal For Applying Non-Slip Finish To Newly Finished Concrete Surfaces
  • Easy Clean Bristles
  • Available Here From
  • The threaded hole accepts any standard broom handle.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Block Material: Hardwood.
  • Bristle Material: Polypropylene
  • Quantity: 1 per box.

Why The Marshalltown Premier Line 847 36 Inch Concrete Broom?

Ideal for applying a non-slip finish to newly finished concrete surfaces, the broom finish on concrete is a technique used by many and is considered a fairly straightforward concrete finish.

The Marshalltown 36-inch concrete broom is perfect for helping achieve the broom finish you need on your concrete.

Lightweight but made to last, the Marshalltown is one of the best-made concrete brooms on the market and should be considered for use if you are doing many concrete jobs that require a broom finish.

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Using The Marshalltown Premier Line 847 36 Inch Concrete Broom

Using a concrete broom to get a nonslip finish is easy, and for the brooming pars, is as simple as pushing, pulling, or both across the concrete to leave a lined texture on the surface of the concrete.

Prepping your concrete for brooming is achieved by placing the concrete and then troweling or stick troweling a smooth finish. This is made easier by using Concrete Knee Boards.

Once the concrete has been set, but not hard, and the surface is still a little workable, the concrete is now ready for a broom.

Steps To Broom Concrete

1, Place your concrete as normal.
2, Flatten and smooth by hand troweling or pole troweling
3, Let the concrete harden a little
4, Drag the broom across the concrete.

Note: If you broom too early, the cement on the surface will be dragged off and will expose stones. Usually concrete is ready to broom shortly after the bleed water has evaporated from the surface.

The concrete should NOT LOOK WET when you are about to broom.

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