The 3 Best Concrete Work Boots

How To Concrete, concrete work boots

Concrete work boots for working in concrete are a must if you want to protect your feet, and be in comfort while you place and finish your concrete project.

I have spent many 18-hour+ days in concrete work boots and I know the importance of having the right size gumboot for your feet, the right inner souls, and made of quality rubber.

What To Look For In Concrete Work Boots

Concrete work boots need to be tough and hold up against the toughest of concrete brews and stand the test of time.

Flexible, tough, waterproof, and suited for concrete placing.

For concrete finishing, there are shoes for working on concrete that is more suited for “out of concrete work.

These boots should have a good padded and nonslip sole, and be waterproof.

So which boots win their place as the best concrete work boots…

Let’s find out…

Concrete work boots, what to look for in concrete work boots.

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Finding The Best Concrete Work Boots stocks thousands of brands in the work boots niche, however many of these brands have not received many good customer reviews and are not worth the money.

This list of concrete work boots is great for concrete placing and really hit the nail home when it comes to quality, comfortability, safety, and practicality.

Arctic Shield Waterproof Durable Rubber Neoprene Concrete Work Boots

Arctic boos for concrete
Arctic Shield Waterproof Durable Rubber Neoprene Outdoor Boots concrete boots
Arctic Shield Waterproof Durable Rubber Neoprene Outdoor Boots

Artic Shied concrete work boots are made with grip, comfort, and durability in mind. These boots are extremely durable and pass the ASTM steel toe certification standard.

About this product

  • Made from strong but flexible neoprene.
  • Waterproof
  • Removable insoles
  • Rubber sole
  • Calf high length
  • Warm and comfortable.

If you like the look of these Arctic shield concrete work boots you can find out more on Amazon by clicking the button below

TIDEWE Rubber Work Boots for Men with Steel Shank, Waterproof Anti Slip Sole

The Tidewe concrete work boots have been designed with airflow and breathability in focus. The boot has been designed with a “kick-off tab” making it easy to take your boots off even when they are caked in mud, concrete, or clay.

These soft-toe work boots are extremely popular and are a great choice for a wide range of work activities

TIDEWE Rubber Work Boot for Men with Steel Shank, Waterproof Anti Slip concrete work boots
TIDEWE Rubber Work Boot for Men with Steel Shank, Waterproof Anti Slip best concrete work boots for placing concrete
TIDEWE Rubber Work Boot for Men with Steel cap, concrete work boots

About these boots

  • Breathable and warm
  • Easy to kick off tab feature
  • Added toe and heal protection
  • Durable
  • Extremely water proof

DUNLOP protective concrete work boots - Safety Steel Toe, 100% Waterproof PVC

With over 10,000 customer reviews and an exceptional average customer review star rating, these Dunlop concrete work boots are without a doubt the most popular and versitile boot of them all.

How to concrete, concrete work boots
DUNLOP PROTECTIVE FOOTWEAR concrete work boots for working in concrete

Information on this boot

  • ASTM F2413-11 certified steel toe
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight modern design 25% lighter than classic PVC boots
  • Energy absorbing BAY-LOC outsole with channels to repel water

Looking After Your Concrete Work Boots

By looking after your work boots you will prolong their lifespan and get more out of your money.

We can do this by getting into a few healthy habits when it comes to keeping them clean and stored in the correct place.

How to look after your work boots

  1. Hose them down after each concrete pour.
  2. Don’t leave them in direct sunlight
  3. Store in a dry place

Why Get Concrete Work Boots

Now I know there are many other brands and some of them are absolutely fine for working in concrete.

The mentioned concrete work boots here are just a select few of the best and most popular concrete work boots available to you online.

I will continue to add more popular work boots to this page in the hope to get a better selection of top-quality, comfy, and safe concrete work boots for you.

Knowing What Size Work Boot You Are

Finding the correct work boot size is a must and wearing the wrong size gumboot can bring you a world of pain.

Chafing, blisters, constantly pulling up your sox, these are all signs of not using the right sized footwear.

Many boots on Amazon show a size reference chart that you can look at, read, and then make the decision on what size you are.

Here is the chart from the Tidewe brand boot so you have an example to look at.

Concrete boots foot size chart, how to concrete

As you can see by the diagram measuring your foot and then getting a slightly larger size allows for a little foot room and room to have sox on, which is a must.

Well, that’s all today team, I hope this article on concrete work boots has helped you narrow down your next pair of boots.

I would also love to hear your experience with certain concrete boots, so if you have one please do leave it in the comments below and I will be sure to read and/or reply.

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